Cheap holidays to Cape Verde


For the sun lovers out there, Cape Verde's Beautiful white sandy beaches are the place to be during the day. Here, you'll find azure seas and vast beaches wrapped around dream-like deserts.  Two of the best beaches on theislands are Sal and Sai Nicolau. If you want to make a night of it, be sure to join in with the locals and have a little dance on the beach. Thers's also plenty of water sports such as diving and windsurfing.

Cape Verde is the new holiday hotspot and is so amazingly unusual,staying here is magical. Made up of ten shimmering, seductively-named islands off West Africa: Sal, Maio, Fogo,Brava, Boa Vista, Sao Vicente, Santo Antao, Santiago, Sao Nicolau and Sao Vicente. Cape Verde is a mixture African, Brazilian and Portuguese cultures, colours and sounds plus sugar white sands.

The most popular islands are Sal and Boa Vista these being the most builton, yet still with the charm and feel of a secluded retreat.Here, you'll find azure seas and vast beaches wrapped around dream-like deserts.

Cape Verdean nightlife is laid back and relaxed, based more around folkdances and live music, rather than clubs and pubs. It is impossible towander round at night and not hear locals playing 'morna' music - acombination of guitars, violins and lovelorn lyrics.

The official currency of the Cape Verde islands is the Cape Verde Escudoalthough euros are widely accepted. Credit cards and travellers cheques arenot recommended.

The flight duration to Cape Verde is approximately 6 hours.